Is your WordPress website hacked?

Is your WordPress website hacked, offline, or suddenly very slow? We can help you restore the system. To assess your issue, we need your WordPress, FTP, and server/provider access credentials. Rest assured, we treat this information confidentially.


1 = Installation, Setup, Backups, etc.

While WordPress is easy to install, the devil is in the details. Are you having trouble setting up your site or do you want to automate backups and keep your website up to date? Whatever WordPress-related assistance you need, we are confident we can help you reach your desired goal.


2 = What is a WP theme from WordPress Agentur Frankfurt

Every WordPress-powered website at WordPress Agentur Frankfurt is based on a so-called “theme.” The theme controls the appearance and functionality of the website. It consists of HTML, PHP, CSS, and JavaScript files, as well as fonts and graphics.


3 = How do WP themes differ?

The quality and functionality of themes vary significantly. They are particularly useful when you want to try out WordPress or delve into WordPress technically.

Themes are usually paid and offer more features and extensive documentation than free themes. They sustain themselves by being sold multiple times, which may compromise individuality and may have technical implications.

The premium class consists of custom-made themes – provided they are well-crafted. Unlike other solutions, they are precisely tailored to your needs and individually designed, albeit at a higher cost. At least at first glance. With a WordPress theme custom-developed for you, you are mostly independent in design and technology.


4 = Single-Purpose, Multi-Purpose, or Page Builder?

Even among purchased themes, there are those designed for specific use cases. This approach is called Single Themes. It could be a theme tailored specifically for restaurants, offering tailored features and settings for that target audience. Multi Themes, on the other hand, are designed to be used for any imaginable use case.

Page Builders are popular in WordPress. A Page Builder is a plugin that enhances WordPress with features for designing and structuring layouts. Editorial-wise, it offers unlimited possibilities to change the website’s design quickly. From a professional perspective, it’s not a favored concept as too much freedom comes with much responsibility. Websites built with Page Builders often have design and technical deficiencies.


5 = Block Theme, Classic Theme, or Hybrid?


There are also technical distinctions. For a long time, WordPress managed content in a large text area called the “Classic Editor”. The presentation resembled a word processor like Microsoft Word, with a strong separation between content and layout, but limited structure. Such a theme is now called a Classic Theme.

With the introduction of the “Block Editor” (working title Gutenberg), WordPress fundamentally changed how content is created. All content of the Classic Editor now consists of individual blocks that can be flexibly positioned. The individual blocks also have design options, resembling working with Page Builders.

The most modern variant is Block Themes, also called FSE (Full Site Editing) Themes. The website is built from blocks, not only in the content area but also for the header, footer, and all other areas of the website. When WordPress detects a Block Theme, the appearance of the administration area changes significantly.


6 = Buying and Setting up a W?Premium Theme from WordPress Agentur Leipzig

As a website agency, on germany WordPress Agentur Deutschland we encourage you to choose a premium theme, which incurs a one-time cost of 100 euros for theme acquisition. If you want to handle the setup yourself, only the time you invest in the project will be added. However, you should not underestimate the time required for familiarization and also allocate time for regular work on the website. If you do not want to delve into programming yourself, make sure the theme includes all the necessary features before buying it. Since WordPress is constantly evolving, the premium theme is also evolving. Therefore, it is common to have to purchase newer versions again.

Is the theme compatible with your current WordPress version?

Is it prepared for translations?

Is it independent of plugins or theme frameworks like Visual Composer?

Is it well-documented?

Do you acquire a license for commercial use, and are updates included in the price?

Does the programming comply with German or European data protection regulations?

Is it visually appealing and responsive?

Does it include all the features you need, including performance or search engine optimization?

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