Craftsmanship Meets Customization: Top-Rated Custom Windows Companies

Craftsmanship Meets Customization: Top-Rated Custom Windows Companies

  1. Introduction

The article “Craftsmanship Meets Customization: An Analysis of the Custom Windows Industry” describes the custom windows industry and the top-rated custom windows companies. Custom windows are windows that are uniquely designed and created to fit the specifications of a homeowner. This is in contrast to stock windows, which are mass-produced in large quantities and come in standard sizes. The custom windows segment of the window industry is the niche market. In 2007, the custom windows market was estimated to be near $4 billion, but that number has been declining over the past few years due to the recession and the decline of new housing construction. The recent housing crisis has left many homeowners unable to afford the high cost of custom windows, which has caused companies in the segment to lower prices to increase sales. Many custom windows companies net very small profits and some are even operating at a loss. This has caused some custom windows companies to cut costs by outsourcing production to other countries, which has resulted in a decline in the craftsmanship and quality of many custom windows. As a result, homeowners have become dissatisfied with the finished product of their custom windows and are turning towards alternative options. The article then examines the importance of craftsmanship in the custom windows industry. Craftsmanship is a process of executing quality work that requires skill and care. This is especially important in the custom windows industry because the quality of the product is directly affected by the level of craftsmanship. Subpar craftsmanship can lead to poorly constructed windows, which will affect their functionality and lifespan. This can be detrimental for the homeowner as they have invested a substantial amount of money in custom windows and expect them to be of the highest quality.

1.1 Overview of custom windows

Many homeowners have a desire to express their individuality within their decor. However, this can be difficult in a world full of mass production and copycats. One of the best ways to set your home apart is to install custom windows. At first thought, many people’s minds go straight to cost. It is easy to assume that custom windows are going to be incredibly expensive. However, this is not always the case. There are many options available to suit just about any budget. It’s also important to keep in mind that custom windows are an investment in your home. They will add value and set it apart should you ever decide to sell. Custom windows will add both character and charm to your home. They can be a defining touch that sets off your interior decor. Consider the possibilities. Stained glass windows and beveled glass both offer a touch of elegance. Etched and frosted glass can add an element of privacy to a bathroom or entryway window. The possibilities are virtually endless, with many companies offering custom windows in both wood and metal-clad wood styles. This allows you flexibility in finding something that takes your home decor in a whole new direction. Custom window companies will often allow you to design your own windows to get that perfect unique touch. Many also offer pre-designed options should you find yourself lacking that creative spark. Custom windows are not just for new home construction. Many older homes can benefit from a window replacement with custom windows. This is a surefire way to add both character and resale value to an older home. With energy efficiency being a hot topic, there are many custom options available to help save on energy costs. As energy-efficient windows can be tax-deductible, this also makes them more affordable. Overall, the benefits are clear. Custom windows can add character, save on energy costs, and add value to both new and older homes.

1.2 Importance of craftsmanship in custom windows

There is a significant amount of variation in the level of quality, cost, and value in custom window products available on the market. It is important to be able to identify a high-quality product when you are beginning your search for a custom window. Discussing important factors when it comes to quality windows would be an endless task. Having said that, a key measure of a well-made window is the attention to detail and level of craftsmanship that has gone into it. Craftsman-style windows are extremely popular and a wonderful choice for any home. They have a timeless look and a quality of construction much higher than many other products available to consumers. This type of window matches perfectly with other quality wood products such as wood furniture and hardwood flooring. The essence of craftsmanship is not isolated to only higher-end products, however. An equally important yet often overlooked form of craftsmanship can be found in good quality energy-efficient windows. While these products are often made with different materials and have a different appearance than traditional wood windows, there is a shared ideal that a well-made product will perform better and last longer. This can be accomplished with higher precision manufacturing and well-thought-out design and should be a guideline for any type of window.

1.3 Top-rated custom windows companies

Kolbe & Kolbe Millwork Co. is one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of superior quality aluminum-clad wood windows and doors. Featuring an extensive product line, Kolbe offers many different window types to meet the needs of customers. All of Kolbe’s windows can be custom ordered to exact specifications in shape and size. With many different kinds of finishes and an array of exotic wood options, the windows are almost always made to order. Kolbe is a sure bet for those looking for high-end custom windows.

There is a high demand for custom windows harmonizing both replacement and new construction today. Homeowners, builders, and architects are insisting more and more on sales windows that are custom designed to suit their specific needs. This, in turn, offers many benefits. One of the top priorities for those employing such types of windows is the appearance since they’d pay extra to get the exact look they are searching for. An additional benefit is the design flexibility to make large or small window openings easily. There is also a high degree of functionality for those who are willing to spend the extra funds on the many specialty window types on the market.

  1. Factors to Consider when Choosing Custom Windows Companies

The window industry is crowded with many different brands. There are wood windows, vinyl windows, aluminum windows, and fiberglass windows to name the major materials used in today’s market. Price ranges and quality vary greatly between the different materials. It is important for the homeowner to understand the differences between the types of windows in order to make an informed decision. In most cases, it is best to stick to windows of the same material as the rest of the windows in the home. This is to preserve the same look as the rest of the windows and the surrounding area. For example, it would probably not be a good idea to install an expensive wood window if the area is known for a high crime rate. A wood window is also probably not a good idea in a humid and wet area such as the bathroom, where a vinyl window would be more suitable.

The first step to ensuring that the window will turn out looking the way you want it to look is to find a company that has a good reputation. Often times the best lead to a good company is through word of mouth. If a friend or a relative had windows installed recently, ask them if they can provide a reference. Alternatively, try to find out if the company has had any long-term business in the area. This is often a sign that the company has a good reputation because they have a stake in the community and are not just there to make a quick buck. A stable workforce is also a good sign of this, as this too indicates long-term business and a stake in the community. High turnover in the workforce may suggest a lack of experience, which may affect the quality of the product and installation.

This section talks about the factors we need to consider when we are looking into investing in custom windows for homes. Installing custom windows can cost double or triple the amount of the original price of the window, so it’s only natural that homeowners do their research and weigh their options before taking the plunge. A good starting point is to gather information from an array of sources on available options in the market. Try to come up with a list of the companies and see whether they have showrooms that you can visit. It is always good to be able to look at the quality of the windows by examining samples. Don’t rely on the information that can be gathered from their website, the pamphlet, or the salesperson at the company. Often times these data sources are biased, and the information provided does not objectively compare one product to another.

2.1 Quality of materials used

A good type of custom window is made from high-quality material. Normally, when one goes to buy windows, they only have two choices: vinyl or aluminum. However, with custom windows, the choices are much more varied. Wood or steel is the common choice when making custom windows, since steel is a durable material and wood can be designed to any shape and looks more classic. However, this doesn’t limit the choices to only wood or steel, since there are still glasses that are made with good quality. And of course, a combination of steel, wood, and glass can be a good option.

Building a new home, or constructing one, is always an exciting task. But with so many things to consider – like the type of floor, the quality of the paint, the fixtures, the color of the wall, the type of doors, and also the type of window – for the window itself, there are a lot of options one can consider. But for a more appealing and enduring look, custom windows can be the best option. A window is the fruit of the crafter and the choice of the owner of the house. Looking into the window is already fascinating, but the passion in crafting a window and the look of the house to which the window belongs can bring a new allurement that can make the owner of the house feel more satisfied with the entire look of the house. By customizing the window, the owner of the house can contribute ideas on what type of design is suitable for his house. And with these custom windows, they can last longer and look more durable than factory-made ones.

2.2 Design and customization options

One major design factor to consider is the type of window. There are many different types of windows including double-hung, single-hung, sliding, casement, awning, hopper, stationary, bay, and bow. Each of these window types has unique operation and will have a different impact on the overall look and feel of your home. Make sure your contractor is knowledgeable about the different window types and their uses. Ask for recommendations and the reasons behind them. This will ensure that you are on the same page and also allows for suggestions that you may not have considered.

When it comes to custom window installation, a variety of design and customization factors can affect the overall look and feel of your project. The design and customization options of a window may vary depending on the company you choose, so it’s important to understand what options are available and how that fits with your overall project.

2.3 Energy efficiency and insulation

The next most important component is the glass which should have a low E-value to minimize heat transfer. The most energy efficient glass for windows is glazing, which consists of multiple sheets of glass with air trapped between them. The space between the glass can be filled with a non-toxic gas such as Argon or Krypton for additional insulation. The added expense of glazing is often offset by the long-term energy cost savings. High-quality edge spacers and frames are also important to prevent insulation leaks in double-pane windows.

When it comes to saving money, the cost of the windows may not be the most important factor to consider. More expensive window prices can often be justified by increased energy efficiency. When considering the energy efficiency of the window, the most important consideration is the frame. Frames constructed of vinyl, fiberglass, and composite material tend to provide greater insulation than metal frames. Wood frames may be a good choice if they receive the proper treatment to protect against water damage. Composite frames may also contain an insulation layer.

2.4 Warranty and customer support

Assuming the company is still in business, there are a few key things to consider to ensure your issue will be resolved and at little cost to you. Inquire about the warranty that comes with the window. A lifetime warranty is ideal, but in this day and age it’s a rarity to find a company that will stay in business that long. If this is not an option, be sure to find out as specifics about the warranty as possible. What is covered? What is not covered? What is the duration of the warranty? Is the warranty prorated? Essentially, you need to ensure that the warranty will cover any possible issue that may arise due to a manufacturer’s defect. The length and type of warranty can also be a good indicator of the confidence the company has in their window as a product. A company with high confidence will offer a longer and more inclusive warranty.

Most importantly, a good product is only as good as the support you receive if something goes wrong. It’s inevitable that an issue with one or two windows will arise eventually, whether it be soon after installation or six years down the road. When and if this happens, the response you receive from the custom windows company may vary significantly. The most assuring way to ensure you’ll receive quality service is to find out if the dealer or manufacturer of the window is still in business. If they are not, any warranties are void and you’ll be stuck with an issue that cannot be resolved.

  1. Custom Windows Companies with Exceptional Craftsmanship

Homeowners looking for exceptional craftsmanship in custom windows should look no further than Company A. This company provides customers with composite windows built to the exact specifications provided by the consumer, and exacting attention to detail. Their one-of-a-kind windows are not painted, but stained for a long-lasting finish. Specialized paint and stain options are available to the consumer to ensure that the window meets the exact match of color desired. This company also offers a wide array of design options including various interior and exterior finishes and different grille patterns, providing customers unlimited design options. This company has truly mastered the customization and craftsmanship of windows that homeowners are seeking. Although this company offers top-of-the-line craftsmanship for windows, their variety in design and coloring options may lead to a slightly higher cost.

Currently, installations of windows are taking a turn towards those with superior craftsmanship. This innovation is desired by homeowners across the nation, and for various reasons. The trends and changes in window designs lead to these desires, which include custom designs and sizes, higher quality materials, and energy efficient designs that are attractive and affordable. To fulfill these desires, consumers are looking for the windows made by manufacturers that are taking the extra steps to produce windows that excel in craftsmanship. This leads to a natural progression to find windows with high levels of superior craftsmanship.

3.1 Company A: Craftsmanship excellence in custom windows

Unlike many window companies, they go beyond simply designing and building a product. They believe in making a complete transformation in a home. They put an emphasis on redesigning the living space and designing a window that not only looks beautiful but increases the overall functionality of a room. They design windows that open up a room, create more natural light, and significantly change the energy efficiency with the ultimate goal of creating an entirely new living experience for their customers. Through the years, they have continued to grow their product line beyond standard windows and now design and build a variety of unique high-quality custom home products. They stand behind their products and continually strive to set new standards in the window and home product industry.

Company A has been in business for over 30 years. Their founder and CEO has over 50 years of experience in the window industry. They are located in the Pacific Northwest and cater to the high-end custom home market. All of their products are custom-built and designed to meet the customers’ specific needs for their homes. Their specialty is the ability to take a customer’s vision and translate it into a perfectly crafted finished product. Their team of designers and craftsmen work personally with each customer to ensure the highest quality end result. Every window is meticulously handcrafted using only the highest quality materials. They cut no corners in ensuring that the end product is the finest windows available. Their attention to detail is second to none. They have built a reputation based on exceptional customer service, high-quality products, and a pristine installation. This has allowed Company A to develop a loyal customer base and strong relationships with the top builders and architects in the region.

3.2 Company B: Unparalleled attention to detail

Company B undoubtedly sets the bar with regard to custom wood window quality and craftsmanship. But it is important to note Company B’s belief that quality is a journey not a destination. Understanding the importance for today’s youth to gain vital hands-on experience from skilled trades, Company B proudly hosts a summer internship program for local high school students and graduates. This is not your typical landscaping or food service job intended for college pocket cash. This program is an opportunity for intelligent and ambitious young adults to learn a skilled trade and possibly a future career that is in dire need of young talent. Participants will gain exposure to various aspects of wood window and millwork production and installation. With no two windows being the same, interns will be challenged to think critically and learn problem-solving skills that are unfortunately becoming a lost art in today’s ‘right now’ society. By passing on years of industry knowledge and wisdom, Company B is ensuring that quality custom wood windows will be crafted for generations to come.

At first, it might seem that quality of craftsmanship is easily translated by a company’s attention to detail. Typically true, but not always the case. Company B, a leading manufacturer and designer of high quality custom wood windows takes quality one step further. Understanding that quality products require quality materials and workmanship, Company B peels back the onion to ensure that nothing is ignored. Plans for even tiny aspects of a project are carefully laid out and scrutinized, with an emphasis on preempting and thus avoiding potential problems. Though extra millwork is generally required, company B feels no project is truly custom without some site specific customization required. While this is more common with historic replication, the feasibility of implementing site specific customization into many diverse projects is a testament to company B’s commitment towards meeting the unique needs of each client. Though cost efficiency tends to depreciate with increased customization, company B continually manages to offer the most value for the dollar without cutting corners or sacrificing quality.

3.3 Company C: Innovative designs and precise craftsmanship

One of the reasons customers are willing to pay a premium for custom-made windows is because they are looking for a design that is unique and specific to their tastes. This can come in an array of forms whether it is a special shape for a window, a distinctive divided light pattern or a specific type of wood. What they are looking for is a product that will add a personal touch to their home. Company C is a regional manufacturer who serves the upper Midwest and eastern US. This company sets itself apart from many window manufacturers by offering some truly unique design options in a variety of window types. They earn the Innovative Design point for offering a large amount of design flexibility with their product as well as offering a design that is unavailable from others. An example of this can be found in their casement windows where they offer the traditional style of a side hinged casement with a unique pivot mechanism that allows the window to be hinged from the top or bottom. This is a design that is not offered by any other window company. Another different design from the standard casement can be found in their awning window which has no center post, offering an unobstructed view when the window is opened. This is a design that was conceived by one of the owners of the company who was dissatisfied with the designs available from other window manufacturers when replacing windows in his own home. This design won a patent and the company was founded on the basis of this unique product.

  1. Benefits of Custom Windows from Top-Rated Companies

Improved energy efficiency and cost savings. It is no secret that professionally designed and installed custom windows provide better insulation than standard windows. Essentially, when a window is custom-made, it is built to fit the exact dimensions of the window opening. This is a huge advantage, especially if the opening is not a standard size. It is very common for older homes to have window openings that are not uniform. Older homes also tend to settle, causing warping of window frames and making what was once a perfect square/rectangle opening, now not the case. Pre-made windows are generally only produced in a few standard sizes and might not fit ideally into the opening. This gap between the window and opening is a major source of energy loss. A study conducted by The Efficient Windows Collaborative shows that poorly designed and installed windows can result in aggregate energy loss between 10,000 and 25,000 British thermal units (Btu) per day. This can double the amount of energy needed to heat and cool a home in a given year. Custom windows can easily reduce this waste by more than half. By minimizing energy loss, you will not only be saving money through lower heating and cooling bills but will be reducing your carbon footprint and contributing to a greener earth.

Enhanced aesthetics and curb appeal. When a top-rated windows company creates custom windows, their design is focused on enhancing the current look of one’s home. New windows create a fresh new look for each room in one’s home and give the house a revitalized look. The perfect set of windows can act as a picture frame for the outside world. Having custom windows designed around your ideal vision can make a significant improvement in the overall ambiance of your home. The right window design, size, and positioning can create a serene environment inside your home. This also sets the mood for visitors approaching your home. Windows designed to reflect a peaceful living space will give the home an inviting feel. People passing by or entering for the first time will leave with a lasting positive impression. Custom windows add that “it” factor which makes your home stand out relative to others.

4.1 Enhanced aesthetics and curb appeal

Grilles: Grilles are often an overlooked feature in window replacement projects. Whether you are simply looking for a spruce up on an existing home or trying to change the style of a new home, the design possibilities with grilles are vast. Between the grille pattern itself, which can range from colonial to diamond to custom patterns, and the between the glass and simulated divided lite options, you can create an entirely different look for your home. Many high-end custom window companies have craftsmen who can create custom grille patterns to match any design. This can even include creating templates for the pattern you desire.

Frames: Most windows in homes today are retrofitted with stock replacement windows which are unable to mimic the style of surrounding windows. Whether the existing windows are aluminum, wood, or vinyl, a custom window can be made to replicate the exact style. This can be done without any significant modifications to the exterior and interior surrounding the window. Custom wood windows, which are becoming increasingly popular in the luxury home market, can offer a completely different look for your home. Wood windows are able to provide a warm and rich feel to a home and with a variety of species and stain options on the market, the design possibilities are endless.

Increased curb appeal and aesthetics are the first benefits most homeowners seek when they embark on a custom replacement window project. Your home is your biggest investment and the place you spend most of your time. When the visual aspects of the home are more pleasing, the enjoyment of the home generally increases. With most projects for the home, the more you can make the home resemble your vision of comfort and style, the better the end result. Even if you are considering selling your home in the near future, having a home with a unique and high-end look will result in a higher resale value. Most people consider aesthetics a high priority and contrary to what some believe, your windows play a drastic role in both the interior and exterior aesthetics of your home.

4.2 Improved energy efficiency and cost savings

Given the importance of energy conservation in today’s world, it is essential to know that the windows installed are performing to their utmost capacity. According to the US Department of Energy, heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for 25-30% of residential heating and cooling energy use. For homes in mild climates, gas-filled windows with low-e coating can be effective at reducing energy consumption, and subsequent cost, by 20-30% as compared to homes with single-pane windows. For homes in harsher or more extreme climates, a higher-performing window using the same technology can save up to 50% of energy costs. As such, the money saved by installing high-performance windows can often offset the higher initial cost of such products. This makes upgrades much more attractive to consumers, and a beneficial investment for those looking for increased home value. High-performance windows not only have lower heating and cooling costs, but they often contribute to a more consistent temperature in the home, reducing the need for heating/cooling “more temperature” compared to just maintaining it.

4.3 Customization options to match any architectural style

Custom windows are specifically designed to fit the exact dimensions of existing openings, providing a much better fit and an easier installation process for the homeowner. Mass-produced windows come in stock sizes and types and require the use of shims to fit the window to the opening, thus leaving more room for error. Wood is the most commonly used material for custom windows, and when properly maintained, they have been shown to last more than 100 years. This longevity far surpasses the lifespan of most mass-produced windows on the market today. Custom windows can be made to match the architectural style of a home, which is a definite advantage over the one-size-fits-all restriction of stock windows. This ability to retain, match or establish a specific architectural style distinguishes custom windows from the competition.

4.4 Durability and long-lasting performance

Large window manufacturers cannot offer true customization because they do not have the flexibility in their production lines. Custom windows should be built to suit not only the dimensions of your home but also the way in which you want to live in it. This may sound a little esoteric, but envision a home that is filled with light, fresh air, and a sense of openness. Now compare this with a home that feels dark and stuffy. The difference can often be traced to the quantity and location of the windows and the type of windows it has. A custom window company can send a representative to consult with you and take a look at how you can improve the atmosphere in your home. The representative can work with you to determine the best configurations and types of windows to achieve this goal. Often providing enlist up window removal and brickwork followed by a brand new opening for dramatically different results. This is the kind of service that can truly enhance your quality of life, but it requires a lot of flexibility and a willingness to push the boundaries of conventional window practice. These are things that you will not get from large window manufacturers who have a set way of doing things.

The best quality that any product should possess is durability. It is essential to select a windows company with a reputation for quality workmanship and materials in order to ensure your custom windows will continue to look good and perform well years after they are installed. When it comes to product craftsmanship, some companies talk a good game but have no substance to back their claims. Ensure that the windows look good and perform well. It will be pretty hard to pry specific performance information out of most salespeople, so it is important to do your own research. Check into specifics on the windows construction to determine the level of workmanship that has been put into it. Find out if the custom window manufacturer is familiar with the AAMA installation and assembly guidelines. Companies that take the extra step to familiarize themselves with these practices are usually very detail-oriented and take their craft seriously. This would be reflected in a product that functions well and stands the test of time. High-quality windows can be an expensive investment, so it only makes sense to find a product that will last.

  1. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

This can be determined from web research or consumer organizations, window company reports or even local TV or radio advertising highlighting opinion on a company or product. Homeowners are willing to provide feedback on products and services, whether positive or negative, which provides invaluable insight to potential customers. An angry or dissatisfied customer will more often than not tell you the negatives of their purchase in a desperate attempt to save others from making a similar costly mistake. On the other hand, a cheerful and content new-window-owner will sing and dance about their experience with a specific company and product (custom) for its quality and craftsmanship. This feedback is often found in detailed comment sections on various web articles or through forum posts and may be the most effective method of research, providing trustworthy insight. Finally, individuals may provide their assessment in a more formal manner commonly through letters to or email responses from the company and it’s here they may be asked to provide a testimonial to be used for marketing purposes. In any case, word of mouth communication and informal documented feedback can be used to increase the quality of customer generated data for this report.

5.1 Positive feedback on craftsmanship and customization

The entire preorder and installment process was wonderful and the customer service was great. The windows truly make the house look brand new and create a whole new feeling. I will happily recommend this company to friends and family! The customer service was great. Everyone was really nice and we felt very comfortable having the installers in our home. This was especially important to my wife who was here alone while they did the work. I was very pleased with the work done and felt the installer was very conscientious about his work. He made sure everything was right and cleaned up like he was never here! “The craftsmanship on the bay window is phenomenal and the installation took half a day. I was amazed at how efficient and quick the install was.” The customer service has been great and the job was done within a few hours. We will highly recommend you to family and friends. I love that our custom designed windows can be cleaned from the inside. The sashes also tilt in for easy cleaning. The special beveled glass piece really adds elegant character to our bedroom and it intricately matches the leaded glass the most. Each room had a unique window style that reflects our personality and it’s amazing how the sun shines through each custom design and lights up the room.

5.2 Satisfaction with the quality and performance of custom windows

Satisfaction with the quality and performance of custom windows is very important for the customer purchasing the windows. The customer needs to know that the product and workmanship is top notch and that there won’t be any future problems with the windows that were installed. A high quality window should have the same structural and aesthetic integrity from the day it is installed, and for many years to come. The customer should expect that they are purchasing a product which is an investment, and that product should hold its value. Discount windows fall into degradation quickly, and end up costing the customer more money in the long run. Several customers report being dissatisfied with the lack of insulation and airflow of their old windows. Low insulation windows can warp from exposure to the elements, and the aesthetic and performance degradation is not suitable for a custom window.

5.3 Exceptional customer service experiences

The customer service experiences of custom windows companies play a critical role in the overall satisfaction of their clients. A helpful and service-oriented staff can greatly enhance the buying process and have a positive reflection on the company as a whole. When it comes to customer service experiences, the MCP Choice Awards were factored in as an important variable due to the votes being based on customer opinion that are true experiences with the companies in the category. Richlin Windows received the most nominations for providing excellent customer service to its clients. As a family-owned business, Richlin always treats its clients as extended family and takes great pride in getting to know each of them personally. Enlist A Pro also received favorable feedback on their customer service. Due to the nature of the service, customer inquiries are directed to staff who are experienced in the installation and purchase of windows. They achieved an award for excellent communication and knowledge of the product, servicing clients who can be confident in knowing that the service representatives are familiar with the products that are being sold. In saying this, it is not rare that some customers have experienced difficulty in trying to find a company that has delivered good customer service. During the construction or renovation process, there are many stressors associated with the work, and sometimes simple misunderstandings or errors can turn into large issues. Increased communication and handling of product issues is essential to providing customer satisfaction. Infinity from Marvin has been praised for its customer service handling of product issues. A large factor in this is their sales method of conducting in-home sales consultations. During this consultation, window samples are displayed and models are custom-sized and made out at the client’s home for product assessment. This has been a great benefit to the clients; however, sometimes issues have occurred in product ordering or manufacturing due to the complexity of the unique custom window designs. In the event of a product issue, there is a guaranteed resolution from Infinity through their inclusion of a customer service line with a direct link to the manufacturing plant. This has provided customers assurance in knowing that any product issues can be handled and resolved in a timely manner. Warranties can also be a reflection of a company’s confidence in their product and customer service capabilities. Renaissance Windows and Doors have been praised for their warranty and product guarantee. They have ensured customer satisfaction through a policy where final payment is not made until product installation is completed to customer satisfaction. Full product payment is then extended to a 30-day period in compliance with a grace period for any product issues. This allows customers to evaluate the quality of the product and service, experiencing additional peace of mind and assurance that their purchase was a good investment. This type of practice is rare in the sales of windows and has made Renaissance a standout company in customer service.

  1. Conclusion

This research was important given recent literature indicating that poor vinyl window selection for your home could have serious long-term ramifications. Some communities across the United States are experiencing poor thermal performance in homes due to low-quality windows. In the village of Oak Park, IL, there were 24,000 houses that needed new windows, which have an average age of 70 years. Unfortunately, many homeowners put vinyl windows in to save money. Within a few years, these same homeowners soon realized that they were not saving money in the long run. The average thermal pane window has a lifespan of 10-20 years. Those who put in vinyl windows experienced seal failure within 5-10 years. This means that the argon gas used to increase thermal performance and low-e coating, which reflects heat back to the inside of the house, were compromised. Failed seals are typically indicated by condensation between panes. Once a seal fails, moisture is allowed in the window, which results in insulation around the glass becoming discolored. This cannot be reversed and windows must be replaced.





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