10 Reasons Why Lemon Face Wash is Your Skin’s New Best Friend


When life gives you lemons; stop making lemonade!

Known for its richness in vitamin C and citric acid, lemons are best to detoxify your body for that attractive glow. Embrace the amazing benefits of lemon for naturally treating your skin problems.

No, rubbing a lemon on your face isn’t the solution; but using an effective lemon face wash is. The dynamic combination of lemon and cucumber face wash from Sri Sri Tattva is the secret for a bright, radiant and healthy skin.

With its superior cleansing properties, lemon face wash reduces discoloration, brightens the skin, and gently exfoliates the skin. It is especially recommended for acne-prone skin.

Top Benefits of Cucumber & Lemon Face Wash For Your Skin –

  1. Enriched with Vitamin C

Being a natural source of vitamin C, lemon face wash rejuvenates the skin by eliminating all the impurities. This relaxes the skin with a natural glow.

The goodness of cucumber optimally moisturizes the skin and repairs the skin damages.

  1. Deep Exfoliation

Lemon face wash contains anti-inflammatory properties which works as a natural exfoliation for your skin. Its regular use rejuvenates the skin, and removes dead skin cells.

With its soothing properties, cucumber provides deep nourishment for a calm and hydrated skin.

  1. Suitable For All Skin Types

A lemon face wash, with cucumber, is ideal for all skin types; from normal to dry skin. However, it is best recommended for oily skin types because of its high pH levels which regulate oil from the skin. It beautifies, cleanses and hydrates your skin!

  1. Fights Acne

A lemon face wash is most effective in fighting skin acne. The balanced combination of lemon and cucumber naturally revives your skin while enriching it with enough moisturization. This combats acne and reduces dryness, redness and inflammation with an instant boost of radiance.

  1. Reduces Dark Spots and Scars

The vitamin C, antioxidants, and citric acid in lemon face wash visibly reduces dark spots and scars. Additionally, the astringent, cooling and lightening properties of cucumber instantly treat dark spots and boost collagen.

However, to reduce any possible skin allergies, buy a lemon face wash online with yogurt and honey.

  1. Suitable For Skin Revitalizing

A lemon face wash maintains the natural pH balance of the skin; keeping it fresh and revitalized. The essential minerals and antioxidants in cucumber reduce enlarged pores and excessive oil. Its richness in water content boosts skin hydration for a glowing complexion.

Additionally, its zesty and fresh fragrance enhances a positive mood and kick-starts your senses!

  1. Cost-Effective

Get rid of the expensive chemical products that do more damage to your skin than benefit.

The cucumber and lemon face wash is a cost-effective remedy to nourish your skin with the goodness of natural ingredients. This product ensures a pure, simple and effective skincare regime without any hassles.

Quick Tip: It is best recommended to always patch-test the chosen lemon face wash. Also, consult a dermatologist to avoid any harmful allergies and reactions to the skin.


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