Many of you guys might have come across videos on TikTok and Instagram about the Passport Bros.

But who are these Passport Bros? What do they do? The Passport Bros are Western men (usually from the US, Canada and Europe) who simply had enough of the dating scene in their own country. They have decided to literally grab their passport and travel to other countries to find women to date for marriage, companionship or just to have a girlfriend.

Their main destinations are The Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia or even South America (Western men that speak Spanish tend to go there).

Apparently the women in those countries match all the qualities that Western men are looking for : very feminine, good housewives, very loyal and obedient to their men, and they are just easy going on.

I spoke to several Passport Bros in the US and they all mentioned the fact that they were fed up with local women because they are simply looking for wealthy guys with high professions, someone who can take them on expensive dates, drives a fancy car and someone who can support them financially. Obviously not every man in the US can afford this. Most men have normal jobs with normal incomes, so they don’t meet the standards that women are looking for.

A website that speaks about the Passport Bros in detail is . This site was created by 2 Passport Bros who travelled to many countries in South East Asia, and they developed this wonderful guide that explains what to expect in countries like Thailand, Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam and more. On this page you will find amazing information such as the cost involved in taking such a trip to find your soulmate, how to find and date local women, which cities to visit and even where to hang out.

From my understanding, the cost involved in such trips is not that high. Perhaps just the air fare can be a bit pricy, but overall the cost of living in South East Asia is very low compared to to North America and Europe.

Passport Bros Experts are really experts when it comes to deciding which country best suits your needs. Their main recommendation is The Philippines because of the high level of English spoken there, however Thailand is their second choice.

So if you feel that you are in need to make a change on your life and you want to experience something new or if you as well feel frustrated by the dating life in your country, go on and check out . I am sure you will love what you read and it will open your eyes.

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