Hunter Doohan, his biography, and much more about his career

In today’s world of popularity, actors and writers are becoming famous tremendously. We will introduce you to a name that is also very famous in the world of television, series, and films. The person worked hard and performed so well in his field that within a few years, he made his name in the profession and became a renowned personality.

Might be all of you getting curious about the name of that personality. The name is Hunter Doohan.

Hunter Doohan’s biography

Name: Hunter Doohan

Date of birth: January 18, 1994

Place of Birth: Fort Smith, Arkansas.

Spouse name: Fielder Jewett

Father name: Peter Leslie Doohan

Profession: Actor, Writer, and director

Well-known series: Wednesday and Your Honour

Background of Hunter Doohan

Hunter Doohan basically grew up in Fort Smith, Arkansas. He was very interested in acting from early life. He initially started to act in his high school programs and events on stage after that he also got involved in community theatre programs. Later on, he continued to perform in an internship at Elizabeth Barnes Casting in Los Angeles. He was so ambitious regarding his career and acting that apart from day jobs like waiter, tour guide, and background extra, etc.

Breakthrough roles of Hunter Doohan

In the first season of the 2019 Apple TV+ series Truth Be Told, Doohan played the younger version of Aaron Paul’s character Warren Cave.

In 2020, he appeared as Adam Desiato in the judicial drama series Your Honor, in which he played a lead role.

He became famous by playing Tyler Galpin in the Netflix series named as “Wednesday” in the year 2022.

List of drama series and films performed by Hunter Dhoohan

The first program in which he appeared and acted on screen was in 2014 named Rhonda and Ruby. Names of the other series and films in which he performed are listed below from earlier to the latest.

Coffee House Chronicles in 2014

Westworld in 2016

Schooled and WHAT / IF in 2019. The most popular drama Truth Be Told, in which he performed as Teenage Warren was also casted in 2019.

Your honor; it was another breakthrough performance of Hunter Doohan in which he performed as Adam Desiato. Released in 2020

Ringing rocks and Wednesday in 2022. Wednesday was also a hit series.


  • Far from the Tree in 2017
  • Soundwavein 2018
  • Where We Disappear in 2019
  • Last Patrol on Okinawa
  • Ringing rocks in 2022

Performance as a writer and director

Hunter Doohan also recognized as a very good writer and director. He has wrote and directed so many series during is lavishing career. He is a writer and director of Crazy series done in 2018.

Hunter Doohan’s Family

He belongs to a famous and respected family. Hunter Doohan is the son of a renowned tennis player Peter Doohan. He was a successful tennis player. He received several awards including from 1984 to 1986 consecutively. He was also the winner of the South Australian Open in 1984 and the San Louis Potosi tournament in Mexico in 1988. His father died on 21 July 2017, at the age of 56.

His mother is Angie Harper Carmichael. There is little known about his mother. She got a divorce from his husband Peter and married a second time to a person named David on 2 March 2007. Hunter Doohan has an elder brother in his family named John Doohan. John Doohan is a coach by profession and coached juniors in the adult drills and summer camps. Further, he has coached for Pinnacle Country Club in Rogers Arkansas, and the Nelson Bay Tennis Center in New South Wales.

Hunter Doohan’s marriage was in June 2022. It was celebrated as an outdoor ceremony. In one of the interviews, Hunter revealed that he was involved in Ortega, they moved together to Europe for the film The Tim Burton Show. He also admitted that he was truly in love with her.



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