MyFlexBot; its uses, features, benefits, and many more

MyFlexBot is an auto grabber program for Amazon Flex offers or blocks that is safe and completely customized. By using an automated software system, batch grabbing can also be made simple. For Amazon Flex drivers, this automated software system is introduced.

By streamlining the entire process, it enables drivers to efficiently and rapidly look for available batches in their area. Drivers can also benefit from the program for a variety of things, including email and text message notifications, logs, automation settings, speed control, and the most recent filters. You will find all the information you need about Flexbox in this article

Features of MyFlexBot

Beyond just providing work leads, Myflexbot offers more features to its consumers.

Customizable platform

MyFlexBot offers a customizable platform for use in grabbing Amazon Flex blocks.

Free trial

They also offer a 15-day free trial for its customer so that they can initially use it freely. If they like it then they need to get it.

Fully Automated

MyFlexBot is fully automated you can capture blocks with its state of the art algorithm, you just need to simply set the filters and press start to capture blocks.

Customizable Filters

It is flourished with filters to meet every need of the customer.

With the help of this platform, you just need to accept only the blocks you want by using its in-depth filter options. There are various filters such as Stations, Days, Price, Minimal Hours, Max Hours, Offer Start & End Time, Time to Arrive, and more, etc.

Advanced Controls

The software has the option to Refresh up to 100 times per second. There is an Advanced Control feature that unlocks the full potential of its system to advanced users.

Reserved Mode

It also provides the feasibility to capture reserved offers for upcoming days without worrying about accepting any more offers for today.

SMS Notifications

With the help of MyFlexBot there is no need to constantly keep checking your phone. With the ease of its use, you just need to set it and forget it. The software will automatically send you a SMS text message directly to your phone notifying you when you have a block to work.


  • Simple to use

With Amazon Flex Blocks, data extraction is simple

  • Quick access

Users have easy and quick access to the data kept in Amazon Flex Blocks.

  • Secure

It is an auto-grabber application for Amazon Flex Blocks that is completely secure. As a result of the fact that users can add items to their shopping carts by selecting them from the Amazon Flex Block. Myflexbot is a popular tool used by Amazon Flex drivers to automate their labor. Therefore, using Myflexbot is an entirely secure procedure.

  • Compatible

This system can be accessed and controlled from any device that has a web browser not only iOS and Android but also laptops and tablets as well.

How does it work?

Myflexbot is used by Amazon Flex drivers to swiftly acquire extra batches. It also often checks the Amazon Flex app for fresh batches in addition to these. When one becomes available there, the driver will be informed. When they are looking for work, it saves them time and effort. Drivers don’t necessarily need to manually check the app for open batches, though. Neither the Apple Store nor the Google Play Store sell Myflexbot. Myflexbot is easy to operate.

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How Do You Set Up An Account?

By following a few simple steps, you can simply set up an account on Myflexbot.

  • Create an account first by providing your email address and password.
  • Log into your account and link it to Amazon Flex’s account information.
  • Be prepared to receive alerts and messages once you’ve logged in in case a new batch job becomes available.


An auto-grabber program for Amazon Flex Blocks is called Myflexbot. You can effortlessly focus on your presentation with its assistance. The app is also made available for the convenience of drivers who use Amazon Flex. Because this app makes it simple for them to put up pay offers and hours. It has numerous advantages, many of which we’ve already covered in depth. Additionally, some people are hesitant to use Myflexbot because of unfounded safety concerns. Since there have been allegations of data stealing, Myflexbot has implemented rigorous restrictions in this area.

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