Trenton Thornton, all about the murder of Patrick Edwards

All must have heard about the involvement of Trenton Thornton in murder of Patrick Edwards, but there is still some sort of uncertainty and curiosity in the minds of people regarding this incident. This article will probably clear all the doubts from the start of the incident till the end of the story.


Thornton shot and killed Patrick Edwards in 2020 during an uncontrollable anger episode. He said it was for defense.

The murder charge was declared a mistrial after the jury failed to reach consensus. After being found guilty of two additional offenses, Trenton Thornton received a sentence of ten years in prison.

Details about the murder by Trenton Thornton:

On that fateful day that was Wednesday in 2020, Trenton Thornton and Patrick Edwards got into a heated argument over what appeared to be minor road rage. Witnesses described heated verbal exchanges, aggressive driving, and verbal fights between the two parties. The quarrel at last brought about Thornton releasing his gun, lethally injuring Patrick Edwards. What was actually happen is that Edwards followed Patrick for a few miles to Gulf Field Drive, where he approached the vehicle and, according to reports, Thornton killed Edwards by firing multiple shots through a window that was closed.

Case in the court:

On Tuesday, Dearman, Thornton’s lawyer contended the homicide allegation against Thornton ought to be dropped in light of the fact that the shooting was with good reason in a self defence.

Thornton guaranteed self-protection, and all through the preliminary, his safeguard group introduced proof to help this case. The prosecution, on the other hand, refuted this narrative by arguing that the use of lethal force was unjustified.

According to reports, Trenton Thornton’s lawyer Dearman claimed that the shooting and crash occurred in self-defense.

Judicial action:

The judicial actions started with the jury choice interaction, where both the guard and the indictment worked tenaciously to track down unbiased legal hearers. Tension permeated the courtroom throughout the trial as witnesses presented their accounts of the events. While the defense sought to raise a reasonable doubt, the prosecution presented evidence designed to demonstrate Thornton’s guilt.

Key minutes during the preliminary included declarations from observers, legal specialists, and cops. To decide whether Thornton was guilty or innocent of the murder charge, the jury carefully considered the evidence that was presented.

Record of the call:

One more provoking thing that occurred during the inquiry was the record of the call, that was found by NBC 15 News. It was the emergency call made Tuesday night just before Patrick Edwards was killed. 31-year-old Trenton Thornton is accused of his homicide. Police say Thornton hit Edwards’ vehicle and left the location of the mishap. In the emergency call, it’s reasonable Edwards and his custom-based regulation spouse pursued Thornton attempting to get his label number after the mishap.

As they were traveling south on Michigan Avenue in the direction of 1-10, Edwards’ common law wife made the initial call. “Someone just hit me, and I am continously chasing behind them. I’m on Michigan Avenue right now!” she informs the operator.


The guest depicts experiencing issues getting the label number off the vehicle that just hit them. She says it is a white vehicle, Right now, they are transforming into Birdville.


Right now we accept they go on to Hawk Drive.


The guest tells 911, “They are attempting to take off.”


We’re approaching the finish of this brief call. The mobile police dispatch line is now open. The common law wife of Edwards describes exiting Linwood onto Maryvale Drive South. The last thing she tell the 911 administrator, “They are running from us. He is at a loss.

Decision of the court:

A mistrial was declared after the jury failed to reach a unanimous verdict on the murder charge after thoroughly examining the evidence. Regardless of this, the jury viewed Trenton Thornton to be blameworthy on charges of leaving the location of a mishap and shooting into an involved vehicle. The decision left the local area in a condition of blended feelings, with some communicating dissatisfaction over the unsettled homicide allegation.

Influence on the Local area:

The Trenton Thornton case significantly affected the Portable people group and started discussions the country over. The shocking loss of Patrick Edwards and the resulting preliminary brought issues of uncontrollable anger, weapon brutality, and self-protection regulations to the very front.

To remember the victim and call for a change in road rage behavior, members of the community held rallies and vigils. The incident sparked discussions about the need for stricter gun control measures, as well as the significance of anger management and conflict resolution education.


The case of Trenton Thornton serves as a somber reminder of the negative effects of road rage on both individuals and communities. The malfeasance and ensuing convictions have brought up issues about the viability of the general set of laws in tending to complex instances of brutality and self-preservation claims. The community continues to discuss road rage prevention, gun violence, and legal reforms as it awaits the retrial. It is fundamental to ponder this case as a chance to resolve cultural issues and take a stab at a more secure and all the more future.


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