Muln Stocktwits: an innovative electric car designing­­ company

We are encircled totally by vehicles. We cannot imagine a moment of our life without it. It helps us too much in locomotion and conveyance. It has made our traveling so easy. But we have forgotten the other aspect of it. Besides giving facilities for conveyance, vehicles are also a big source of generating pollution because they consume gas which in turn releases harmful toxic substances in the air. These chemicals are very hazardous to health. So it is a moment of worry. Should we start living without using vehicles? No, how can it be possible?

Wait. Here we are, to give a wonderful solution to this problem. Now you can live with vehicles free of any danger.

Let us introduce you to Muln Stocktwits, an outstanding vehicle manufacturing company that extraordinarily designs electric vehicles.

Muln Stocktwits

It is a very popular company which is famous for its electric cars. It utilizes advanced technology and very attractive designs for cars that capture the eyes of car lovers. It has sold thousands of cars and still growing. Muln Stocktwits is in a very competitive position in the market regarding business.

A brief history of Muln Stocktwits

This company is not too old, it was formed in the year 2003 and still is it is working enthusiastically in the market. David Michery is a founder of Muln Stocktwits. This company is native to California present in the United States. Its headquarter is located in Brea. While the Service stations of Muln Stocktwits are spread all over the world. The very first car that was released by Muln was named Roadster.


Electric cars are gaining popularity with advancing time because they are very environmentally friendly. The very first car that was released by Muln was Roadster. It was released in 2008. It was a two-seater car with a very high speed of 3.7 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. roadster made its name among car lovers and got a lot of popularity because of its unique design and extra fast speed.

After gaining admiration from Roadster, Muln got more confidence and released many other electric cars one by one in the market. A few of the most popular electric cars designed by Muln Stocktwits are

Model S,

Model X,

Model 3 and many more.

All these models were unique in their selves available in different sizes and marvelous features.

Some other products of Muln Stocktwits

Muln Stocktwits does not only design electric cars instead it also provides some other products that are equally attractive and famous among the people.

Some of These products are

  • Energy products that include different unique batteries and solar panels.
  • Charging stations; these are special charging stations that are used by electric cars to charge them immediately.

Some amazing features of electric cars designed by Muln Stocktwits

  • Pollution free.
  • Does not use gas.
  • Easy and very fast to charge.
  • Long range of coverage.
  • Attractive designs and an extra stylish look.
  • Extraordinary safety tools are provided in the cars that keep the passenger from danger free throughout the travel.
  • Very good navigation system; these cars are incorporated with a very smart navigation system.

Future of Muln Stocktwits

Although Muln is a very fast-growing company and getting successful one cannot be assured about its success in the future because, on the one hand where the company earns a lot same, there are also great chances of loss. Because it is a business. The company is in huge competition since 2000. Because other companies are also manufacturing electric cars with good designs.

  • Cars released by Muln Stocktwits are a bit expensive. The company is trying to release cars at affordable prices.
  • The company is also undergoing a huge debt. One must keep this in mind before investing in the company. But still, Muln Stocktwits is the number one company in which any investor wants to invest.
  • The company is on the way to expand its business in other countries, especially in China. It is planning for making other companies as branches of Muln Stocktwits
  • Muln Stocktwits is going to develop an electric car that will self-drive, which means it does not need any driver to steer it.


Muln Stocktwits is an advancing company that is in the top trend. Its business can go ups and downs. One cannot feel safe investing in this company. But still, it is the most popular among the people. Driving the car of Muln Stocktwits is a lavishing experience.

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