Jidion real name

“Jidion”, is one of the most popular names nowadays. Everybody knows that Jidion is an American Youtuber but still wants to know some more about him. Especially Jidion’s name is a bit confusing for people. If you want to know about his real name then you are at the right place. In this article, we will elaborate on the real name of the Jidion and many more interesting facts about him that you might not know before.

Name is the first identity of any person. The first that one would want to know about somebody is his or her good name. So let’s begin with Jidion’s name.

Jidion real name (complete name)

Jidion is commonly known as JiDion. Because JiDion is his personal YouTube channel on which he plays pranks, funny content, comedy videos, and do mess with the audience. People get to know about him through his channel named JiDion. As it is his channel name so what is his real name then? Jidion has named his channel after himself. There is just a spelling manipulation. His real name is Jidion. And if you want to know about his full name then here we are to introduce you with the complete real name of Jidion. It is

“Jidion Adams”.

We can further clarify any confusion regarding Jidion’s name. If you are still interested to know about his middle name also then it is Armani. In this sense the whole complete name of Jidion becomes

“Jidion Armani Adams”.

Jidion Biography

Some details about his biography are given in the table below.

Real name Jidion Adams
Middle name Armani
Complete name Jidion Armani Adams
Age 22 years
Date of birth 12 Dec,  2000
Occupation YouTuber star, comedy prankster
Place of Birth United States
Country United States
Nationality American
Star Sign Sagittarius
Gender Male

Some interesting facts about Jidion

Expelled from school

In one of the early youtube videos, Jidion himself told about that how he was expelled from school. Jidion was admitted to Clear Creek High School in Houston, he was not so much an extraordinary student regarding his studies. But it was so unfortunate that he was kicked out of the school and expelled because of his pranks.

Banned on twitch

Along with YouTube Jidion was also very famous on Twitch. Twitch is a very famous live-streaming platform that enhanced Adams’s popularity as a social media star. But unluckily in January 2022, Adams was enduringly banned from Twitch for “extreme harassment”. Jidion harassed Pokimane on Twitch and just after two days of this harassment Jidion was banned from Twitch. Along with Jidion Pokimane was also banned from this media for about 48 hours.

Taken into custody

There is another you can say interesting information about Jidion that he was arrested and was charged with arson.

Family of JiDion

Everyone very eagerly wants to know about the family and personal relations of JiDion, but sadly we cannot tell so much about his family. JiDion has not yet declared much about his family. Nobody knows about the family, mother, father, and siblings of JiDion. Some people say that might be Jidion is the only son of his parents.

Relationships of JiDion

Everybody has the curiosity to learn about JiDion’s personal life. But he did not share about any relationships such as a girlfriend married life and children. The entire internet data shows him as an unmarried person uphill now.

Fame of Jidion

JiDion is a popular American YouTuber and comedy prankster. He earned too much fame and became a social media personality very soon. It is seen that about 240,000 people have subscribed to him. Because he was a YouTube Star, he gained notoriety and recognition. Adams started his YouTube channel in 2018. His first viral videotape came around in early 2019 with the videotape “Giving nonnatives the N-Word PASS”.  Adams’ YouTube channel has 7.18 million subscribers as of 6th June 2023.

JiDion ‘s Monthly Income

He mainly earns from youtube and other social media sites approximately $ 30.8K per month.


Although Jidion is very famous because of his youtube videos, pranks, and vlogs there are some negative aspects associated with him. But the overall fame, worth, and power of Jidion in such a little age cannot be ignored.

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