Iganony and its remarkable features

With digitalization everyone wants to have an online video platform on which they can easily watch videos. People are much more adapted to tabs, phones, mobiles etc they just want to have their content displayed in just one click.

Instagram is a popular social media on which people upload their stories, images, videos and posts. You can also make your own account on Instagram to upload your stories, photos and images. You can also just visit others account to see their content and stay updated with your friends.

Whenever one visits his friend’s or any other’s profile on Instagram, Instagram let the person know that his profile has been visited by someone. So the privacy of the visitor does not remain intact. Still you want to visit someone’s profile without letting them know, just use Iganony.


Iganony is an outstanding Instagram viewer and downloader. By using Iganony one can easily download and save the videos and images of any Instagram profile. What you need to use Iganony is simply the username of the person. Sometime one wants to download the content and save it for future so it can be made available any time. Iganony has the feature that one can easily download and save the videos from Instagram and can see them later on.

Many differentiating features of Iganony

Easy to use

Iganony is very easy to use, even a person who does not know much about technical things can handle the website of iganony.

Simple to browse

Iganony is so simply designed that one needs to know about the username of the person. By entering the username of the person on website, it shows results through which you can download your desired material.

Totally free

Iganony is an online website that is completely free it serves its user with its service without any charges. One can easily enjoy downloading the content of Instagram through Iganony without paying a penny.

Iganony is anonymous

It is an anonymous tool that does not reveal the identity of its users. One can safely and privately visit anyone’s profile without letting them know.

No registration required

Iganony is a best platform that does not need any prior registration. User does not require signing up or login before using Iganony. One just needs to open the website and paste the username of the person. And enjoy the content.

Safe to download content from Instagram

There are so many other websites that provide the same features as that of Iganony but they are not safe to use. They may download any unwanted or illegal material or trash. Iganony serves the best tool that can allow its users to download images, videos and other related content in their original form without any undesired content.

How to work with Iganony

As already mentioned Iganony is the simpler and easier website to be used by the people. There are only few steps that one just needs to follow to enjoy downloading Instagram videos and images.

Step 1

Enter http:// IgAnony.io/ in the address bar or type Iganony in search bar. Different websites will appear on the page. Click on the very first website with this URL http:// IgAnony.io.

Step 2

Open the website and enter the username of the person whose profile you want to visit and press enter.

Step 3

On pressing enter button different search results related to your query will immediately appear. Just scroll down the results and find your desired video or image.

Step 4

Click on the download button. The video will start downloading. Once it is downloaded you can save it in your device for as long time as you want.


IgAnony provides its users with many features and it is very easy to use. Viewing Instagram and downloading its content is not a matter of worry now. Just go on the website and enjoy its features.



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