Slope unblocked and its significant features

Welcome to slope unblocked, a new and very interesting game. Games start and there are some ends of the game after achieving the target or reaching the goal or defeating the enemy. All gamed usually end at some point or so. We are going to introduce you a new game that never ends. Is not it surprising? Yes it is. This game is really surprising and mind blowing.

About slope unblocked

Slope unblocked is a 3D running extra challenging game with speed and lots of fun. In this game the player need to drive a ball along a path. Path is furnished with different type of obstacles to get the ball hit with them. Once the ball collides with any of the obstacle the game will end at the spot and player will lose the game. As the ball advances on the track the speed of the ball gets on increasing automatically making it more difficult an full of fun for the player. Score of the player go on increasing as the player runs forward on the slope.

Design of the slope unblocked

  • Game is in 3D graphics with neon style.
  • Rapidly changing track with difficult turns.
  • Visual style of old sci-fi films
  • Designed with retro futuristic style
  • Background music for making game more attractive and interesting.

Types of obstacles

There are hundreds of obstacles present on the track to make the path for the player harder. Obstacles can be in any shape like

  • Large stone
  • A big rock
  • Falling wall that can hit the ball at any time
  • Speed blockers
  • Tunnels
  • Speed boosters
  • Huge block in center of the path
  • Treacherous pits

The target of slope unblocked

The target of this game is to keep playing the game as long as one can possible. One can play this game without ending. The target of the game is that how long one can move the ball down the slope without hitting the ball to any obstacle and without falling down through the edges of the track.

How to play slope unblocked?

It is very easy and simple to play slope unblocked. Player only needs to control two keys of his keyboard. These are right and left arrow keys. Whole game revolves around these two keys. Player turns the ball towards right and left through right and left arrow keys respectively and guides the ball forward on the track. Different obstacles are placed over the track to get the ball hit with them. Player just has to save his ball from these obstacle and move forward safely. Keeping the keys pressed for long time make the speed of the ball more obvious.

Why to play slope unblocked if it never ends?

The reason behind the game for which the person should play the game is breaking the record of any other player. One can break the record of his own friend or it can be at region level, country level or all over the world. The game keeps the record of the players that how much long the last player played on the game. Crossing the score of the other player gives a feeling of great achievement and immense pleasure. One feels himself winner on crossing the players score and making a new record in the game.

End of the game (game over)

Unlike other games, slope unblocked do not have any end. There are no stages of this game. Once the game starts it moves on endlessly. There are two things on which the player will lose the game.

  1. If the ball crashes into the obstacle the game will end.
  2. Second is that if the ball falls through the edge of the track.

Best about the slope unblocked

  • It is Simple to control.
  • Game is fast paced.
  • The most interesting about the game is that it is full of adrenaline rush.
  • The complete game is full of fun
  • Slope unblocked is suitable for ages.
  • It is easily adaptable; one needs just minor adaptations to get his motions fixed.
  • Game enhances the reactions of the player and built his reflexes sharply.


The game is best to play. It boosts the reflexes and gives an adrenaline release in the body that makes the person more excited and pleased. People of all age group can play and enjoy the game for long periods of time. So it is best to deal with your leisure time.

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