yPhone: Buy Toy Phone for Your Kid

Mobile phones and technology are eating our new generation as kids are obsessed with mobile phones, laptops, and other devices. This can be harmful to children’s thinking power, eyes, brain, and even on body responses. So, we should be worried about our kids and the next generation.

The main reason for interaction towards mobile or any other device is a graphic representation and colorization of the object. So, different companies and organizations tried to launch mobile phones for kids in their best interest. One of those phones is the yPhone. Today we will talk only about yPhone and how it can save our kids from fourth-coming danger.

What is yPhone?

yPhone is a pretend phone for kids to play with and use. It looks exactly like a real smartphone with the same button and touchscreen, but the functionality of the mobile is very limited. You can perform a few tasks to keep your kids safe from harmful content such as you cannot connect to the internet.

yPhone has all the requirements and features which attract kids and make them addicted to the phone. Additionally, parents can manage their children’s usage and screen time to make them away from addiction. Engineers are still working on addiction because kids always get addicted to such things, whether they take a step or not.

Features of yPhone

Certain features make you buy a yPhone for your children. Following are the features that help you to keep your kids safe and away from harmful substances in society:

  1. No Internet Access

One of the most problematic features of a real smartphone is the internet and browsing. The reason is there is no proper restriction you can use for your kids to not browse the internet, and they can dive into harmful things such as terror of society, mental sickness, problems, anxiety, or more dangers. yPhone does not have Internet access to ensure your kids are safe.

  1. Durable Design

yPhone is a durable device for kids that can bear rough use as well. We all know smartphones are sensitive and can be affected by slight mistakes. So, we cannot hand them to the kids for rough use. yPhone is durable enough to get used by kids roughly.

  1. Parental Control

Parents have full control over yPhone as they can check the screen time and usage of kids. They can also set times for kids to restrict them from overusing their mobile to avoid addiction. Other phones do not have such parental control because they have optional settings available.

  1. Pretending Features

There are a lot of features that look like original smartphone devices, but they are pretending to be original functions. One such function is photography. It does not allow you to take images randomly, but your kids can play with it. Similarly, its button also has a sound for kids to get attracted and its touchscreen attracts the kids towards it.

  1. Educational Applications

A few pre-installed educational applications can be very helpful for your children to grow from the start. These applications have basic numbering, English alphabets, and coloring features that will help your child to learn basics and improve thinking power.

  1. Music

It also has a music option available, because music always attracts kids. That is the reason rhymes are always helpful for children to remember anything. For the same reason, music was added to yPhone to make it powerful for a child to understand music.

  1. Rechargeable Battery

It has a battery the same as a simple smartphone and is recharged after consumption. You can charge the battery to use it again.

  1. Multi-language

It has multi-languages available for you, so you can provide it to your kids in your language. It can also be helpful for children to learn a new language as it will give them the basic features of the alphabet and numbering. Parents can change the language at any time from the setting with parental control access.

Benefits of yPhone

There are a few benefits of the yPhone that make you choose it right for your kids. Following are the benefits you can achieve for your kids and make them more innovative and creative:

  1. Child Development

yPhone will testify to your child and nourish them with thinking power and interactions. A kid will learn a lot of things like body and hand coordination to touch or hold an object. The child will eventually start learning objects with the help of the yPhone quickly.

  1. Creativity & Imagination

It allows your children to use the mobile in any way, either using one application or another. It will help them to think and choose, which will make them more creative and imaginative.

  1. Encourage to Learn

yPhone will also assist you to encourage your children to learn. It will guide them with basics by music, coloring, numbering, and alphabets pronunciation. This will help your children to grow and think of a new world with imaginative and creative ideas.

  1. Socialization and Communication Skills

It will also help your kids to socialize themselves and excellent communicators because of interaction. It doesn’t mean you are providing social media access, but interaction with a device and different applications will help them to achieve wonderful communication skills.

  1. Independence

It makes your children feel independent and that they can choose whatever they like. They do not have any restrictions over them, so it makes them feel less anxious. But parents should take care of them because excessive use of anything, even habit can have effects.

  1. Safety

yPhone will keep your kids safe from the harmful content of society as there is no filter available for children. They can get trapped in problems easily without a proper guide.

Pre-Installed Applications

There are several pre-installed applications, including games, entertainment, and study material. Games and entertainment can be useful for the nourishment of Children. A few pre-installed applications include:

  1. English Alphabets
  2. Numbers
  3. Shapes
  4. Colors
  5. Drawing
  6. Music
  7. Voice Recorder
  8. Virtual Pet Game
  9. Memory Game
  10. Puzzle Game


yPhone is a mobile phone for kids. Its shape, size, and design are very similar to a normal smartphone. It has some pretending features for kids to play with and some useful pre-installed applications that can help your child to become more innovative and creative.

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