iPhone vs Android: Best Rivals in Mobile Technology [Comparison]

Mobile is a necessity for every person in this world, but which mobile phone you should choose? In categorization, there are two major rival technologies used in the market by most of the public. Both have different benefits and drawbacks against other. But I think the iPhone wins the battle with the quality of software and hardware.

Introduction to Android

Android is a software technology used in mobile phones to make them work. Android Mobile Phone needs an operating system which is also known as Android. “Android Mobile use Android Operating System”. You can also program in android with a little grip on languages like KOTLIN.

Most Android Mobile phones have better battery life, fast charging, VR compatibility, and other features. If you are looking for a good phone with less budget, then Android would be the best option for you. You can download applications or files from Google Play Store or via browser easily. There is no restriction to download from Google Play Store only.

Introduction to iPhone

iPhone is a product of Apple company and integrates MAC Operating System with hardware to create one. iPhone is considered the most respectful mobile device in the market. It is a secure device; nobody can track your mobile software unless you authorize them to do so.


Following is the comparison between iPhone and Android. After this comparison, you will be able to differentiate and choose a phone between iPhone and Android.

  1. Operating System

iPhone uses MAC operating system, and Android mobile device uses the Android Operating System. MAC Operating System can only be used in iPhone devices and specifically mobile MAC Operating System is only for iPhone devices, and cannot be installed on Apple’s other products, such as laptops.

On the other hand, Android Operating System is common, you can use it on any device. Different companies use Android with different hardware. Android Operating System can also be installed on laptops, Desktop Computers, or any other device.

  1. Customization

iPhone and Android both are customizable, but Android has an edge in more customization options than the iPhone. Android has no limits and security reasons, so it is easy to customize it, but you would risk your data and mobile authentication in Android after customization.

Although the iPhone is less customizable, it does not compromise its security. It will not allow you to go beyond the security walls to customize your software or hardware.

  1. Hardware

Android is not dependent on hardware as you can install it on any device, either a mobile device or a laptop. You can overcome any restriction or limitation. It is the reason there are several emulators available for android devices.

MAC OS is hardware dependent and good for performance. Because there is no gap between technology and hardware but in Android, different companies use the same android version for different models. That makes it less effective than the iPhone.

  1. Application Downloader

App Store and Google Play Store are the sources that allow you to download any mobile application on your phone. Google Play Store is used for Android whereas App Store is used for iPhone devices. Google Play Store is not the only source of applications as it allows you to download any application directly from the browser, which compromises the security and has a greater chance of installing malware with it as well.

On the other hand, iPhone does not allow downloading anything directly from the browser. That can be a very successful way of keeping your device safe from getting malware into your device. Because Google Play Store and App Store both make sure you don’t get any malware installed on your device. iPhone is more secure than Android as it makes sure the safety of your data.

  1. Performance

iPhone has much greater performance than Android. Android devices get lagged or misbehave after immense load, but iPhone can get 40% more load than Android. iPhone devices are highly reliable with performance and security.

  1. Battery

Android has the great advantage of a battery over the iPhone. iPhone has the worst battery timings and health as compared to Android. Android battery life is more than 5 years, but in the case of an iPhone, your battery will get to 50% health in less than 2 years.

Along with battery health, the battery time of the iPhone is 50% lesser than Android as usual. Both of them have wireless charging features, but the iPhone cannot be used for the whole day. You must have a battery backup in the form of a Power Bank or any other power source to last the whole day.

  1. Security

iPhone has the best security against Android. Android devices compromise on security on customization, open tools, browser downloading, and beautifying the interface. On the other hand, iPhone has the security and privacy assurance from the company.

If your device got stolen, you can find it with your iPhone quite easily by tracking your device. But you cannot track your device without permission from your mobile or if your device is powered off, you cannot find it either way. iPhone password lock cannot be cracked, but Android password can be cracked within minutes or maybe in seconds.

  1. Prices

iPhones are expensive compared to Android. Android is cheaper in technology and price as well. If you are looking for a friendly budget mobile device, then you must try to go towards Android. But if you have slightly more budget and security issues, then iPhone would be best. You can never achieve such security and performance without iPhone.

  1. Reselling

iPhone has much better resell than Android. You can resell your iPhone device at a good price after a year. But Android devices will depreciate more than 50% of their actual price in 6 months. If you are thinking you can replace your phone after a year or two, then you must try to use an iPhone.


There are two types of mobile phones privacy and good-looking devices. If you are looking for a good looking, then you can choose an Android device and customize it according to your style. But if you are looking for a device that has excellent performance and last longer in the market with good data security, then iPhone is a great option.

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