Tasquitos – An Opening to Freelancing Marketplace (Detailed Analysis and Report)

In recent years, work from home has increased exponentially. People love to work from home and avoid going outside. For such a job, different platforms provide you complete liberty to choose your working hours at any time of the day and the specification of your work precisely. People do like these platforms rather than listening to the instructions of the manager or team lead.

One of the Freelancing marketplaces is “Tasquitos”, where you can create your account to get hired for a project or hire someone for your project. The unique feature of Tasquitos, it is completely free, you do not have to pay to get hired or hire others. You can create your free account to get a job or place a job.

What is Tasquitos?

Tasquitos is a marketplace for clients to place work for freelancers and freelancers get posted work from clients. Tasquitos is recently launched in 2021 by a small group with fewer categories available than other freelancing marketplaces such as Upwork or Fiverr. Although it has mainly focused on writing and translation, most of the work and freelancers belong to the writing category.

Working for Tasquitos

The only focus of Tasquitos is to make a connection between a client and a related freelancer, it could be from the client side or the freelancer. There are mainly two ways to connect: either the client reaches out to the freelancer, or the freelancer communicates via project proposals.

  1. Client reaches out to Freelancer (Propose a Project)

When freelancers create their accounts, they provide complete details, including their skills, experience, education, certificates, and hourly rates. Once they create their job, they also create offers for the clients to review and contact them for work like Fiverr.

If the client found a freelancer with the quality of its project needs, he/she will contact the freelancer and propose its project details and wait for the freelancer to communicate. A freelancer will read the project details and start working on it if both agree.

  1. Freelancer reaches out to the Client (via Proposed Project)

When you create an account, you can sign up as a client or a freelancer, the client can create it profile with its company name and create project proposals. The client selects a project category, such as “Writing & Translation” and provides complete detail of the project, along with the budget and time limitations.

A freelancer will analyze the project and submit its proposal if found it is related and within a working domain and wait for the client’s response. The client can view the Freelancer’s account and proposal, and will hire the freelancer if found the right person for the job.

Features of Tasquitos

The following are the features of Tasquitos:

  1. No Service Fee

Unlike other freelancing marketplaces, Tasquitos do not charge clients or freelancers. You can work completely free without any payment. You do not have to pay, and you can hire freelancers or get hired by a client easily.

  1. Direct Communication

There are no communication barriers between a client and a freelancer, the client can communicate with a freelancer without hesitation about work at any time. And same goes for freelancers as they can contact the client at any time with the client regarding work.

  1. User-Friendly Interface

The platform interface is very comfortable and user-friendly, and all the steps for registering yourself, creating the project, or creating your offer have a complete description. You can create your account and start working with minimum knowledge about the interface.

  1. Trusted Payment Method

Tasquitos has a trusted payment method, where the freelancer will get only money once he/she satisfies the client about the work, but the client must pay at the start of the project to Tasquitos. In this way, both the client and freelancer can be sure about work and the safety of money.

  1. Issue Resolution

If there becomes a problem between the freelancer and the Client, Tasquitos will jump in and try to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

Benefits of Tasquitos

The following are the benefits of Tasquitos:

  1. Comfortable Environment

The environment for freelancers and clients is very comfortable as they can work according to their terms and hours of the day. They do not have to work only during the day or at night, they can choose whatever time they prefer.

  1. Security

A freelancer should not be worried about the authenticity of the client and vice versa. Such as the payment issue is resolved by taking money from the client at the start of the project but paying to freelancer after submitting the work successfully. Both freelancers and clients should be satisfied with this payment system.

  1. Discrete Talent

Clients can access different talented people for unfamiliar work according to the work requirement. He/she is not restricted to limited resources.

  1. Cost Effective

It is cost-effective, as you can see from the availability of multiple resources of the same domain and the competition among them. Clients can hire perfect resources at the minimum rates available.

  1. Project Management

Tasquitos is well-managed and keeps a record of all the work details and client freelancer information. It is easy for the client to manage all the products as Tasquitos is doing project management for you. If you create a backup, then you are secure for your data.

Comparison with other Platforms

There are other freelancing platforms available, such as:

  1. Upwork

Upwork is one of the best freelancing marketplaces in the world, with millions of registered clients and freelancers. Upwork is working for more than 10 years and has a vast network around the World. The Upwork charge for each project completion is between 5% to 20% depending upon the size and budget of the project. But Tasquitos does not charge anything for the project.

Upwork also charges their customers for submitting a proposal, as you must buy connects, but it is free to communicate with the client in Tasquitos.

  1. Fiverr

Fiverr does not offer you to create a project proposal, you can create your offer and the client will contact you if they found you use it for their project. Fiverr also charges the client for each project completion, but Tasquitos has no fee for the project.


Tasquitos is a marketplace where freelancers get hired by clients for a project and vice versa. Tasquitos is launched recently in 2021 by a small group and has a very small number of registered freelancers and clients. It also has fewer users than available on Fiverr and Upwork. Unlikely other marketplaces, it does not charge you for projects or submission of the proposal.

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