CLEVO NH70: A gaming laptop that can upset High-standard Laptops in the Market (Must Read)

In this modern age, technology is replacing everything, including work and entertainment. So, different companies are fighting for the building of the best devices for work and entertainment. One of the companies is CLEVO which was established in 1983. They have launched several products in the market since then.

Recently, they launched the latest 13th generation laptop CLEVO NH70 which has some potential of disappointing other competitive devices. This was specifically designed as a flagship model from CLEVO but got very famous and has been useful in the entertainment field. Different gamers are using CLEVO NH70 and recommend it to others.

What is CLEVO NH70?

CLEVO NH70 is a flagship series laptop of the 21st century that has the potential to compete with other high-class laptops. It is a powerful gaming computer that could be the number one choice for gamers. Although it is a flagship laptop, its processing power and compatibility are impressive. You must think of it if you are looking for a gaming laptop in the market.

Here we will discuss its specifications, designs, some unique features, and frequently asked questions about CLEVO NH70. We will take a look at why this device is the number one choice for everyone and how can be it so powerful.

Default specifications of CLEVO NH70

The following are the default specification of CLEVO NH70 available on the official platform of CLEVO, but you can order a customized model or modify it later.

  • Display Panel (17.3-inch)
    • UHD 144 Hz
    • QHD 240 Hz
    • QHD 165 Hz
  • Color-Management
    • UHD 60 Hz w/X-Rite
    • QHD 240 Hz w/X-Rite
  • Processor
    • 13th Generation Intel Core
    • HX Series
    • Up to i9 CPU
  • RAM
    • 5600 MHz of 64GB DDR 5 [Expandable]
  • Graphic Card (NVIDIA G-SYNC Technology)
    • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU
    • NVIDIA GeForce 4080 Laptop GPU
  • First Hard Drive
    • 2 SSD PCIe Gen 5×4
  • Second Hard Drive
    • 2 SSDs PCIe Gen 4×4
  • RAID
    • RAID 0
    • RAID 1
    • RAID 5
  • Audio
    • Sound Blaster Studio PRO
  • Support 5 Active Displays
  • Keyboard
    • Full-sized
    • Multi LED keys (RBG)
    • Numeric Paid included.
  • Ports
    • Two Thunderbolt 4 Ports (Fast)
  • LAN Port
    • 5GB Ethernet LAN Port
  • Wi-Fi
    • Intel Wi-Fi 6E
    • 11 AX Wi-Fi wireless networking
  • Camera
    • Dual Sensor 2.0 M FHD

Features of CLEVO NH70

The following are the features that define why you should bring it to your home:

1.    Design

CLEVO NH70 has a sleek and unique plastic design with a professional look. Its design makes it more feelable to gamers with a colorful bar on the back. Ports are on the side and back of the laptop and it has cooling fans.

2.    Battery

The battery is an important thing on the laptop that makes it more portable. Otherwise, you can use computers and workstations with power available. The laptops could be helpful with a good battery time. The CLEVO NH70 has a good battery backup for almost 6 hours of office work. If you are playing a high-class game with extreme graphics, then it would last nearly 3-4 hours at most.

3.    Processor

A good processor will decide whether you will be able to enjoy your game or get frustrated. CLEVO NH70 comes with the 13th Generation Intel Core HX Series available up to core i9 CPU which is unique and expensive. The processor is an integral part of the computer that will decide about processing time during the task completion.

4.    Graphic Card

If you are looking for a Gaming laptop, then you must be concerned about the graphics card it has. Officially, CLEVO NH70 has either NVIDIA GeForce 4090 or NVIDIA GeForce 4080 GPUs. You can choose any one of these or modify it according to your need or budget in the market.

5.    Screen

The screen size of CLEVO NH70 is about 17.3” which is large enough for gaming with a unique experience. The screen is not upgradable and does not have any other variants, although you can connect to the screen for a better experience as it offers 5 active concurrent displays. 5 Active Displays are not very common.

6.    Audio

Sound Blaster always provides you with exceptional quality and CLEVO NH70 has Sound Blaster Studio PRO as default. But you can modify it later or connect it with a portable speaker. Its audio speaker has a unique experience.

7.    Keyboard

It comes with a multi-LED light (RBG Lights) with different color combinations and styles. The keyboard is a QWERTY and has a numeric pad on the right side. Its RBG LED lights make you feel better while playing games or working.

8.    Cooling System

Every gaming computer always has a cooling system because high-profile games are always going to heat out your laptop. Your device will be on fire within minutes of gameplay if there is no cooling system.

CLEVO NH70 has a cooling fluid and fans to keep your device cold during a high profile with HD graphical gameplay. CLEVO laptops always have the best cooling system for their devices, because their primary concern is about gaming in their every laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are the questions asked frequently by the users and customers:

Q – What is the battery timing of CLEVO NH70?

The battery time is nearly 6 hours of office work. But if you are playing a game with extreme graphics, then it would last nearly 3-4 hours.

Q–What is the screen resolution of CLEVO NH70?

The 17.3-inch screen display offers a 4K HD resolution (3840 x 2160) which has 8.3 million pixels.

Q–What is the RAM of CLEVO NH70?

Officially, CLEVO NH70 comes with 64 GB DDR5 RAM which is expandable. You can make it more upgraded by adding using extra available slots.

Q–What is the price of CLEVO NH70?

CLEVO NH70 is a premium quality gaming laptop that has nearly USD 2000. The price is not accurate, it could be a little higher or lower.


CLEVO NH70 is a gaming laptop with a sleek and unique plastic design that can upset very high-profile gaming laptops available on the market. It has a very great competition among other laptops in the gaming field. It comes with multi-LED keyboard lights along with 64 GB DDR5 RAM. Its 4K screen takes the gaming experience to the next world.

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